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Has 2020 had you scrambling to make sense of the world as you knew it? Are you having trouble finding your center and happiness footing?


Do you love chasing goals and perhaps are great at achieving them, but still can’t seem to fully enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create?


Do true fulfillment and inner calm seem to elude you no matter how hard you try?


Have you every really stopped to think about what true success means to you?  


I know how you feel because I am you! 


There is a whole other level of fulfillment, joy and peace that you can tap into now while you continue to aim high in life!


I created The LIFE2.NOW Academy specifically for individuals like you and me! 

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Master your mindset

Actionable downloadable tools and worksheets to help you implement strategies, mindset shifts, and exercises! 

Feel more vibrant and productive

Learn to master your energy (movement, breath, meditation, & nutrition) so you can fully live life!

Enjoy incredible relationships 

LIFE2.NOW Academy offers you the keys to incredible relationships, beginning with the one with yourself. 

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Barbie Kalev


Dr. Barbie Kalev helps individuals find more fulfillment, more joy and less stress in their daily lives so they can enjoy the success & life they have worked so hard to create. 

Having grown up in poverty on public assistance in Queens, New York, Dr. Barbie Kalev decided early on as a child that education and a solid career would be the way out of poverty and to a great life.

After obtaining her PhD at New York University, she went on to teach at a private university in Texas. She decided to leave academia to dedicate herself to building her online business in the fitness and health industry. At the height of her success, making an annual income of 7 figures, Barbie felt that despite her success, fulfillment still eluded her. 

This is when her quest for true fulfillment began. This is when she decided to rewrite her definition of success.

Today she feels happy, at peace, and works from a place of inner alignment. Her life mission is to help other high performers like herself stop the struggle and create deep, meaningful lives that include the pursuit of lofty goals. 

Sneak Peek Into the LIFE2.NOW Academy Content & Schedule

5 weeks to to a happier, calmer, more alive and even more productive you. Here is what you can expect to find in the first two modules:

Week 1

Week 2

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Bonus 1

A journal and progress calendar to help you document your journey and keep you on track.

Bonus 2

2 additional LIVE webcasts with Dr. Barbie Kalev to address your questions.

Bonus 3

A 5 and 10-minute Meditation that you can do literally anywhere! 

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Absolute Satisfaction Warranty

If you're still unsure about joining, LIFE2.NOW Academy comes with a full 14-day money back warranty. Try the program and if you're not happy with it, ask for a refund within 14-days and we'll take care of that for you!

So, let me ask you...

Are you ready to join me for a life changing 5 Weeks?

LIFE2.NOW Academy Starts On November 2, 2020!

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